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3. Patience!

In every single country public transport, public services or society work differently! Most of the time it’s pretty unpredictable.

You’ll get use to it. Just be patient! For example: in Vietnam.. just crossing a road might be an issue!

4. Sharing is caring!

Sharing a room, food or experience is everyday routine. It makes you a better person and you learn how to take care of people and nature much better!

You’ll become caring (kind) person!

5. Saving money!

How much? How much? How much? – is everyday question for food, groceries, transport, services, tours etc. Back in your country you know most of the prices, abroad you have to ask for  it! It makes you wonder if you’re not being ripped off because you’re foreigner. You definitely don’t want to be ripped off and support this worldwide stereotype!

Bargain! Make sure you not being ripped off, don’t make it so easy for “local businessmen”.

On the other side! If you’re brave enough… you don’t even need that much money. Check this funny and interesting video “how to travel the world with almost no money” by Tomislav Perko.

6. Long term happiness!

When you’re traveling for a long period from place to place, from country to country and you’re fulfilling your dreams… you’re constantly happy. This fact will change you for the rest of your life.. It’s like a “tattoo in your brain” … feeling you will always remember!

If you find yourself not enjoying it, try to find out what’s wrong and change it! If that doesn’t work, take a break from travelling! Settle down, do different things, such as, sports, read books, work online, write a blog, go to parties, cook … whatever!

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