17 Inexpensive Countries For Backpacking Adventures

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Backpacking isn’t just for gap-year students. It’s all about adventure and experiencing the world – something that can be a great eye opener to travelers of all ages. And, it can also be one of the most inexpensive ways to see and do it all, particularly when you head to one of these inexpensive destinations.


As a country that links Asia and Europe, Turkey offers something for just about everyone, with its fascinating mix of western and eastern culture, stunning landscapes and ancient ruins. It’s also one of the cheapest backpacking countries. A dorm bed runs from $9 to $15, while a basic, private room, sometimes with breakfast, ranges from $13 to $25. Plus, the food is not only amazing, it’s affordable. You can buy Tavuk pilav (chicken, rice and steamed lotus seeds) on a street corner for a healthy, hot and filling meal at a price of just a little more than one dollar. Be sure to head to the Grand Bazaar food market while you’re in Istanbul, known as one of the best food bazaars on the planet – it dates back over 500 years and features more than 4,000 vendors. Other not-be-missed sights in Istanbul include Old Town, Chora Church and the Hagia Sophia museum.

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