20 Cool Camping & Backpacking Hacks for 2018

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We have made a list of the best camping hacks of 2018 to make your next adventure into the wild every bit as awesome as you deserve.

1. Floating Cork Keychains

These simple cork key chains are great if you are planning on going canoeing, fishing, boating or enjoying any other water activity on your next camping trip. If you drop your keys into the water by mistake, don’t worry – the cork will ensure they float.  Screw a loop screw into a wine cork, attach your keys with a chain ring and you’re good to go.

2. Corn Chip Fire Starters

Forgot to pack fire lighters but remembered to pack delicious Dorito’s? Don’t worry, you can use corn chips to start a fire! If you think about it, the reason behind this hack is pretty simple – corn chips are essentially pure hydrocarbons (which burn) drenched in fat (which also burns). Just use a match or lighter to set the chips alight and voila – your night out in the wild will be warm and toasty!

3. Lightweight Backpacking Chair

Why drag a heavy camping chair on a long hike when you can take a lightweight backpacking chair that’s just as comfortable. It may not have all the bells and whistles (like arm rests and cup holders) but will save you a lot of effort when backpacking along a steep cliffside.

4. Aluminium Grill

Sometimes all you want is to be able to devour a juicy, tender steak under the stars but you can’t because lugging an enormous grill around when you go camping isn’t exactly practical.

If you make this aluminium grill, you can have that succulent piece of meat (or basically any food you have been craving) in no time! Simply take an empty lasagne dish, fill it with coal and place a clean wire rack on top. Fold over the edges, light the coals and get grilling.

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