25 Badass Backpacking Trips

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Not for the faint of heart

There’s something about camping in the wilderness that makes us feel tough. We spend a night or two away from our everyday comforts, disconnecting from the modern, technology dependent lives we lead and we reconnect with the rugged explorer inside us. It feels good to know you don’t need all that stuff, right? It makes you feel a little more wild. Throw in 20+ miles of hiking before your next night under the stars and you’ll feel like a straight-up badass.

There are hundreds of treks across the world that will give you that I-can-do-anything feeling – plus bragging rights for the next time you’re swapping adventure stories around the campfire. Save yourself some time researching (use that time to train instead, you’re gonna need it!) and check out these badass backpacking trips:

1. Backpack from Onion Valley to Mt. Whitney

Location: California | Distance: 47.5 miles

This is truly a once in a lifetime backpacking trip. Take in the majesty of the High Sierra from the highest summit in the continental United States.

2. Hike the Wild Basin’s Ouzel and Ogallala Peak

Location: Colorado | Distance: 20 miles

Hike through isolated, rugged wilderness to panoramic views of Colorado’s Wild Basin, Paradise Park, and Indian Peaks Wilderness.

3. Trek in the Swiss Alps

Location: Switzerland | Distance: 68 miles

Explore this iconic landscape full of snowcapped peaks, beautiful alpine lakes, and waterfalls. Hike along the infamous North Face of the Eiger, Jungfra, Monch, and Wetterhorn.

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