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5. It has pink lakes!

As a lifelong lover of all things pink, these cotton-candy colored lakes made me smile.

6. Mexico is full of color.

From colorfully painted cities to vibrant beaches to sugar skulls in every gift shop, there is color around every corner in Mexico.

7. Mexico City is one of the most engaging cities that I’ve ever visited.

From the museums to the churches, from the Aztec ruins to the manicured parks, Mexico City felt like both like a completely different world and like any other enormous capital city.

We loved the energy of Mexico City, and it’s now one of our favorite large cities in the world. As a bonus, it’s also incredibly delicious (so many tacos al pastor!), and we spent even less per day here than we did in Bangkok–with no effort.

8. The ruins are magical.

Templo Mayor and Teotihuacan in and around Mexico City. Monte Alban and Mitla in and around Oaxaca City. Palenque. Ek Balam. Chichen Itza.

If you’re a backpacker who’s interested in abandoned cities, ruins that make you feel like you’re Indiana Jones, or just soaking in beautiful historical sites, Mexico has so many options that you’ll be tired of them long before you run out of sites to see.

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