40 Ultimate Backpacking Hacks To Make Your Next Journey Comfortable

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“If travelling were free, you would probably never see me,” this has been one of the favourite sayings of people who have been bitten by the bug of wanderlust. And honestly, if it were free, you would never want to stay at one place either. But since it is not free, people opt for other options when it comes down to cost-cutting. And probably that is why someone invented inexpensive ideas like road trips and backpacking. Besides, it is much more adventurous and memorable to discover a place on your own rather than hiring a guide. If all this tugs at something inside of you, then congratulations, you are also stung by the wanderlust. And these ultimate backpacking hacks are especially for you.

But before that, let’s understand what backpacking is. Backpacking, in its most literal sense, means to travel with carrying everything simply in a backpack. It is traveling with only those things that are essential for touring and enjoying, without compromising with the fun, and carrying them all in a simple backpack or rucksack. And as for why people do that; it is because it is easier than traveling with 3 bags per person, with the added advantage of being convenient to people who love to travel alone. Also, you really do not have to pay extra attention to your belongings when traveling to far off and difficult places, because they are right there on your back.

Backpacking Hacks

Even when we have the concept of light packing clear to us and we have the list of things narrowed down to only essentials, we still have a lot to pack, because priorities are a little high in number. Counting the tent, clothes, food, utensils, stove, cooking essentials, camera, equipment, shoes, and other accessories, there is still a lot that you have to pack for your next big trip into the wild. And that is where the backpacking hacks come for your help. These are merely some practices that you can bring into your habit to make your travel experience grand but easy. Here are a few easy backpacking hacks you should definitely try on your next trip.

1. Toilet Paper Tube Phone Speaker

People who love traveling just cannot leave their music behind when they set on a journey. Earphones are a great way to enjoy music while on the go or when you are in the wild, looking at the sky, and enjoying yourself. But what if you are in a group, and over the bonfire, everyone is in the mood to groove? No speakers because no electricity, and you did not carry your portable speaker because it does not fall under the backpacking essentials. Well, you can make your own portable speaker out of just about nothing. All you need is an empty toilet paper tube and your phone. Just cut a slit, as wide and thick as your phone, into the tube, prop it up on four thumbtacks, and hurrah! You have a portable phone speaker.

Speaker hack by Instructables

2. Boot Lacing Hacks

Nobody steps into the unknown without one of the most important things, shoes. We have grown up wearing all different kinds of footwear, and it is of common knowledge that while traveling, the best option is to wear the hiker boots. But did you know that there are dozens of ways that you can tie your shoelaces in? Like the surgeon’s knot, or the overhand knot? Never heard of those? As it turns out, different conditions require different shoe lace arrangements to avoid any discomfort or discrepancies during travel. For example, the surgeon’s knot is used for securing tension under the knot. And it is not even that difficult to do.

You can find all the different types of knots at Backpacker

Learn to make the surgeon’s shoelace knot at Ian’s Shoelace Site

3. Backpacking Stoves

When you are going out for exploring new sites, and that too on a shoestring budget, you cannot afford to eat in a nice and trendy restaurant every day. Some of the times, you have to make-do with eateries that are not that great, and other times you have to fetch and cook on your own. Also, high up in the hills, you cannot just light up a fire anywhere as you please. You need a dedicated stove for both the purposes. You can make what people call the rocket stove and carry it with you, or with the supplies that you find there, set it up right there instantly, too. All you need are soup cans and a bigger can for the fire. Cutting out a section of the size of the soup can opening from the bigger can, you have to fit them in a way that the soup can works as the fuel gate. You can then shove wood inside it and start a fire anywhere you need it, either to warm yourself or to boil water.

Project by Tree Hugger

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