40 Ultimate Backpacking Hacks To Make Your Next Journey Comfortable

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4. Removing Ticks Using Duct Tapes

Ticks are a part of the same family as spiders. They are external parasites, and live by sucking the blood of mammals and birds. They are a big problem out in the wild because they are found in warm and humid climates and need blood to survive. But, you can get rid of them on the go very easily and with as little supplies as just a roll of duct tape, if they have just latched on. Simply use a sticky duct tape to pull them out.

Hack by TickEncounter

5. Skivvy Roll

Having a lot of clothes might seem to be a necessity when you are going on a trip, whether alone or with a group. But carrying so much with you is not really a luxury. Rather, the extra baggage is more of a liability. You cannot really carry all that on your own, and also cannot ask others for help through the entirety of your little adventure. That is why backpackers carry only what is essential to their survival and comfort. That also includes carrying clothes that are important. And the knowledge to efficient packing is known to only a few. One of the best techniques of packing is learned from the military and is called a skivvy roll. In a skivvy roll, you fold your shorts and t-shirt inside a pair of socks and cover only 20% of the space. In the end, it all looks like a simple burrito, ready to be packed. You can learn the skivvy role at Huckberry

6. Homemade KIND bars

Backpacking is not an easy form of travel. Most of the times, you have to eat at places that you otherwise would not even think of. And sometimes, you are so far away from nearest civilization that you cannot get anything to eat. And so, it is best to prepare yourself for such situations by bringing along a snack for the difficult times. And when it comes to instant snacks, nothing plays a better part than energy bars. They are stocked-on with pretty much everything that one needs in times of extreme hunger. But since it is backpacking we are talking about, why not make our own bars too? You can make a little something similar to the KIND bars at your own home and take them with you on your next trip as your own backpacking meal, and they cost around only $0.44 per bar. You can learn the recipe from the tutorial at The Yummy Life.


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