40 Ultimate Backpacking Hacks To Make Your Next Journey Comfortable

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7. Backpacking Spice Kit

Food is not a luxury when you are backpacking. Sometimes you get it, sometimes you have to prepare it on your own. And in those times, you start missing your own home because of all the spices that you have back there. And so, you can either quietly eat the bland, tasteless food or put whatever spices you want in it. How? By making a portable spice kit that you take with yourself everywhere. Just grab a pack of M&M’s, some straws, and tape and you are sorted. You can carry your spices everywhere with this hack and add a little luxury to your backpacking at the cost of nothing. Instructables tell you how to make one that weighs as less as 28 grams per piece.

8. Knots For Hikers

Most of the backpackers have an inexplicable love for hiking. And apart from tents, the next best friend for any hiker is their ropes. And believe it or not, there are scores of the ways to tie a knot on your rope, and they are all meant for different purposes. For instance, the backpacker’s hitch knot is very useful for tying your rope around a tree using the friction, as in when you have to secure your hammock to a tree. Or like the girth hitch, which can be used when you have to tie something to a pre-existing loop. According to the backpacker, there are about 8 knots that you must know for a hiking session. These are-

  • Backpacker hitch
  • Square knot
  • Girth hitch
  • Overhand Knot
  • Taut-line hitch
  • Clove Hitch
  • Bowline hitch
  • Sheet Bend Knot

You can find the purpose of all these knots in this slideshow

Find video lessons of making the knots at the Backpacker

9. Water Bottle For Hikers

As much as water is integral to our survival, our water bottles are more of a dead weight and take up more space than we can allow. So, what is the solution to all this? Well, thanks to Cascade Designs who introduced to us the Platypus PlusBottle, which is a soft and flexible water bottle. When the bottle is emptied of water, it can be folded to take up almost zero space. Also, you get the option of hanging the filled bottle to one of your bag’s straps. It is the perfect solution for hikers and backpackers alike, because it takes up no space, is very convenient, and is not expensive at all. You can buy it at around $12 from any e-commerce site.

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