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Are you looking to enjoy the great outdoors? Forget about the same old campgrounds. Backpacking allows you to fully disconnect from the world and enjoy nature in its purest form. Here in Arizona, there are plenty of camping spots that are a great launching point for an outdoor adventure. Check out a few great backpack camping spots that are off the beaten path.


They don’t call Arizona the Grand Canyon State for nothing. Though many make a pilgrimage to the massive canyon, there’s no way to get the full experience in one day. Backpackers can get a taste of the Grand Canyon with a trip to the Escalante Route. This 33-mile trek will take you rim-to-rim on the adventure of a lifetime. You will meander through everything from slot canyons to towering walls during your journey. This lesser-known trail also offers the most convenient route for backpackers. You can set up camp near your water source, the Colorado River, and stargaze during a remote stay.


Valley residents don’t have to travel far to experience nature. Thanks to the Campaign Creek Loop, there’s great backpacking right in their backyard. Campaign Creek Loop is located near Apache Junction just half an hour east of Phoenix. The 30-mile loop takes you on a journey through the Superstition Mountains and the Tonto National Forest. The three-day hike includes many standout features, notably ponderosa pines that may seem out of place in the desert. There is plenty of great camping by the creek, which is surrounded by stunning views of the Valley. Do you have an extra day or two? You’ll want to take a trip up Mound Mountain. It’s an 18-mile trail that takes you to the highest point in the Superstition Mountains.

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