5 Camping Hacks to make Summer Backpacking Better

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I think we can all agree that camping is awesome! There are few things that feel better than finding the perfect camping spot with an amazing view, setting up your shelter for the night and settling down to enjoy a hot meal with good company as you watch the sunset.

But, there is always room to improve that experience. Here are 5 backpacking hacks to help you camp better.

1. Leave No Trace:

This hack is more of a mental one that helps all of us who venture into the wild. We all might go backpacking for various reasons but it’s usually to simplify our lives for a few days and see somewhere beautiful.

The goal is simple, leave the wild looking like no other human has been there. There is a special feeling visiting a place that appears pristine.

Pack out everything you brought in with you, maybe pick up garbage along the trail. If you built a fire ring and had a fire make sure it is fully out and then take your fire ring apart, soak the ashes in water and then spread them around. The scattered ashes will act as fertilizer for the environment around your camp.

If you can, don’t have a fire at all. A lot of times you don’t need it and you’ll see the milky way and stars better at night without it’s light in your eyes.

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