Top 10 Backpacking Destinations in India

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Backpackers have the time of their lives in India, and there’s always something new to be discovered every time you head off with your hiking, camping, and trekking gear. Not only does backpacking save a lot of money, it also gives you a chance to appreciate the lesser known and unmapped locations of India that many usual tourists don’t get to visit. As a backpacker, you’d want to know some of the most amazing destinations in India that you can trek up for a backpacking adventure, so here are the top 10 of the many backpacking destinations in India for your next trip:


With a remarkable view of Mount Kanchenjunga from almost every part, Sikkim is the perfect spot for a backpacking trip. Kick of your journey from West Sikkim where you can find cheap and cosy apartments and cottages to stay in (sharing or otherwise). The locals in Sikkim are pretty helpful and will even guide you to the routes best taken for hiking and trekking, which come with their very own natural beauty to astound you and get great pictures. Head over to Sikkim’s southern region, where you can find monasteries and hilltop views of the valleys and lakes. The general accommodation cost for two nights is Rs.1000.

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