Top 10 budget backpacking destinations for 2018

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3. Sri Lanka

Not only does Sri Lanka make one of the neighbouring countries of India, it is considered one of the most affordable places, for backpackers. The country is included among the top five biodiversity hotspots in the world. Wildlife photographers can grab their cameras and head here to catch some inimitable, fascinating and exotic photographs. Additionally, with Sri Lanka surrounded by water on all sides, the place is a boon for all beach lovers. Kayaking, canoeing, scuba-diving and surfing are some of the popular beach sports in the country. There are many free things that the country offers like watching a street fair, swim at the beach, visiting temples and churches etc. And don’t forget to keep change of the Sri Lankan rupee (LKR), or else you might end up not getting back your change from local stores or taxis.

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